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Publication Date: November, 2009

Publisher: Masthof Press, Morgantown, PA

Paperback, 100 pages

Color cover- “Spring at the Hans Herr House”, 1991

by P. Buckley Moss (Used with permission)

32 pen and ink drawings by Peg Knueve

Age Interest: Ages 8-14 and up

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The Path to America: From Switzerland to Lancaster County

by Myrna Grove, Illustrated by Peg Knueve

Part I    The Journey of  Jacob Graf  (set in Europe)

The tumultuous story of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania’s first settlers began in the Swiss canton of Zurich in the early 1500s. In quiet villages near Zurich, secret meetings gave rise to a group called Anabaptists. By 1645, Jacob Graf (1618-1683), of Baretswil had joined the Anabaptists. Because of persecution, Jacob and his family fled to southern Germany in 1651. After further problems in Germany, the Swiss farmers became interested in William Penn’s new colony in America.

Part II   A Stone House Rises in the Wilderness  (set in Pennsylvania)

In 1710, a group of Anabaptists, now called Mennonites, traveled down the Rhine River to make arrangements with Penn’s agents in London. Seven young Mennonite families then sailed from England across the Atlantic Ocean to Pennsylvania. They received a warrant for 10,000 acres located seventy miles west of Philadelphia, then part of Chester County. On the frontier, the Mennonites carved a new settlement and gained the long-sought freedom to worship God in their chosen way. In 1792, their lands became part of the newly-created Lancaster County.

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