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A new biography about  the first minister and organizer of the Church of the Brethen and related Brethern groups is available to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the church. The story, written for children ages 8 through 12, will educate all ages about the events and influences in the life of Alexander Mack. This hardcover book of 64 pages includes 50 color illustrations in oil by artist Mary Jewell.

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Published by Masthof Press, Morgantown, PA  (
Alexander Mack: A Man Who Rippled the Waters
by Myrna Grove, Illustrated by Mary JewellAlexander_Mack.html
This photo-illustrated book presents an overview of late 19th and early 20th century education in Ohio and the Northwest Territory. From the first log schools to frame and brick schools, the author describes how laws organized districts, how teachers were recruited, how lessons were taught, what classroom furnishings were used, and how consolidation brought about changes. Over 140 black and white photographs help portray daily lessons and past and current conditions of a sampling of one-room school architechture. A Teachers Guide with suggestions for activities is also included.

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Published by Masthof Press, Morgantown, PA  (
Legacy of One-Room Schools
by Myrna GroveLegacy_of_One-Room_Schools.html
This book is a composite of information about the history of and the diseases caused by exposure to asbestos. Interwoven with a personal story, the book includes the illness and subsequent death of the author’s father due to his asbestos exposure in an industrial setting. He was a 30-year employee of a General Motors Foundry. The author highlights asbestos as a carcinogen in our environment which was widely used without first being tested.

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Published by Christopher Publishing House, Hanover, MAAsbestos_Cancer.html
Asbestos Cancer: One Man’s Experience
by Myrna GroveAsbestos_Cancer.html

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This children’s book celebrates the 300th anniversary of the first settlement in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1710-2010). Follow the tumultuous and true story of the first settlers as events begin in the Swiss canton of Zurich in the 1500s. When Anabaptists, such as Jacob Graf (1618-1683), were forced to meet secretly, they fled to southern Germany. In 1710, a small group of Mennonites left Germany and sailed to America. They started the first settlement in what later became Lancaster County, finally gaining the long-sought freedom to worship God in their chosen way.

Cost: $16 plus $3 shipping. (Available November, 2009.)
Published by Masthof Press, Morgantown, PA  (
The Path to America: From Switzerland to Lancaster County
by Myrna Grove, Illustrated by Peg Knueve

Color cover, “Spring at the Hans Herr House” (1991) by artist P. Buckley Moss, is used with premission.The_Path_to_America.html