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Publication Date: March, 1995

Publisher: Christopher Publishing House, Hanover, MA

Hardcover, 187 pages

Age Interest: Adult

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Asbestos Cancer: One Man’s Experience

by Myrna Grove

This book is a composite of information about the history of and the diseases caused by exposure to asbestos. Interwoven with a personal story, it includes the illness and subsequent death of the author’s father due to his asbestos exposure in an industrial setting. (He was a 30-year employee of a General Motors foundry.) The author highlights asbestos as a carcinogen in our environment which was widely used without first being fully tested.

During her father’s illness (mesothelioma), she found a lack of information about asbestos disease. She wanted to personalize the story in layman’s terms. Despite a curb in its usage, asbestos continues to cause health problems even today because of its latent health effects and because of aging structures. Asbestos is a prime example of an environmental carcinogen which affects human health. The book also reveals the personal story of dealing with an incurable cancer.

Excerpt from the Book (Chapter 19)

   Before this cancer occurred in my father, I had never known that there were different diseases caused by exposure to asbestos. In particular, I had never heard of the cancer called mesothelioma....The time between initial exposure to asbestos and the diagnosis is rarely less than twenty years and averages forty years...Case studies have indicated that only a brief contact can cause cancer decades later.


“As a teacher of medical sociology and environmental issues, I applaud both your message and your work. I shall refer my students to it when they are looking at issues that you raise.”

-Parker G. Marden, Past President of Manchester College

“I found the book to be easy to read and very informative in the process. It had a breadth which I had not anticipated...with excellent writing on mesothelioma and the ravishing nature of this cancer, your own emotional reaction, and grieving.”

-Rev. Tim Herr, Leola, PA

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