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Publication Date: May, 2008

Publisher: Masthof Press, Morgantown, PA

Hardcover, 64 pages

50 color illustrations in oil

Age Interest: Children 8 to 12, All Ages

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Alexander Mack: A Man Who Rippled the Waters

by Myrna Grove, Illustrated by Mary Jewell

A new biography about the first minister and organizer of the Church of the Brethern and related Brethern groups is available to help celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Church. The story, written for children ages eight through twelve, will educate all ages about the events and influences in the life of Alexander Mack. The text, in simple terms, conveys the political and religious conditions Mack experienced in both Europe and America in the 18th century.

The book tells about Mack’s early education and work at his father’s mill in Schriesheim, Germany. When he becomes dissatisfied with practices in the established church and is threatened, he flees north to the village of Schwarzenau. After the forbidden baptisms, Mack organizes the group’s activities and writes about their beliefs. With his personal funds, Mack devotes his life to preaching and caring for members of the German Baptists as they make sacrifices for their faith. For a time, they settle in Holland, and eventually sail across the ocean to Pennsylvania.

The 64-page text is enhanced by fifty carefully-researched oil paintings which portray the time period. Both the author, an elementary teacher, and the artist grew up in the Church of the Brethern. The artist is an eighth generation descendant of Alexander Mack. She has a BA in Art and received training at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.


“The care with which you have researched the life of Alexander Mack is impressive, and I learned things about Alexander and Anna Mack that I had not known before. The text is exceedingly well done.”

-Donald E. Miller, Professor Emeritus, Bethany Seminary

“While this interesting and delightful book is written especially for children, it provides valuable insights for all ages into the lives of Alexander and Anna Mack, and the beginning of the Brethern movement in the 18th century.”

-Dale V. Ulrich, Secretary, Brethern Encyclopedia, Inc., Board of Directors

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